About Me

After graduating with my degree in Education, I had a successful and varied career teaching in a several primary and secondary schools. My work gave me experience and knowledge of child development, children's learning, team working, managing as well as delivering the required curriculum within deadlines.
Since leaving I have developed my interests in the physical world and handicrafts through study and practical experience. My other interests include all things to do with the Tamar Valley - the part of Cornwall where I live, music particularly singing and I am a member of two choirs, amateur dramatics, walking and enjoying the open spaces.
I have completed the Society of Indexers training programme (in 2016) and have attended several of their conferences over the last few years that I've been a member.

A good indexer;

  • Anticipates the needs of the user
  • Identifies and indexes key ideas, themes and concepts in a document
  • Uses headings that a user is likely to search for
  • Takes user to something useful or relevant
  • Uses cross-references to help user find other possible entry points
  • Uses double entries in place of 'see' cross-references if space allows
  • Arranges entries in an ordered sequence using a consistent style and layout
  • Pays attention to accuracy and produces error free work.