Privacy Policy

I, Sue Goodman, am registered as a sole trader, operating as Valley Indexing. This policy describes what data I require and how I use it and was updated on 14 May 2018.

What information do I collect from you and why?
When you contact me, I request the following:
Your name
Your email address for me to respond to you
Project details and sample if available.
If we agree to work together, I collect the following additional information:
Postal address to be used for invoices to fulfil my contractual obligations to HMRC
File(s) required for the work

Where do I store the data?
Emails are stored on my password-protected email account.
Work files are stored on my computer's hard drive. I also have a separate back-up hard drive.

How long do I keep your data for?
Personal data (your name and address) is kept for a minimum of seven years to comply with HMRC and UK tax authorities. If you request it, I can delete them sooner.

Do I share your data?
Unless I am audited by HMRC, I do not share your data with anyone. If you agree to provide a testimonial for my website, I will include your name and details you provide. I do not subcontract work, nor do I discuss your project with third parties.
I use Google Analytics to track my website, I do not place cookies on your computer nor do I use any paid-for Google advertising features to gain personal data.

If you have any questions about what data I have about you, or you want to be removed from my system, please contact me.